Вторник 16.01 раписание

Вторник 16.01.
Работают сразу 2 и 3-й этаж.
А это значит 2 парилки, холодная купель и теплый бассейн, а так же обширная программа мастер-классов! Банная клубная тусовка с 16:00 до 05:30 утра

Программа на 16 января:


19-00 — 20:00- Ирина Корнилова Психолог, арт терапевт, Проведет сеант с МАК для ответа на свои вопросы через призму картинок..

21-00 — 22:00- Анатолий Фёдоров Этот сеанс уникальный, его проходят только один раз в жизни. Результат остаётся на всю жизнь, и распаковывается более глубоко на протяжении всей жизни!⠀ «Название, Духовное Выравнивание»

22:00 — 23:00 — ПЕНИЕ МАНТР С ВАСУДЭВОЙ. Владислав Кирбятьев Наполнимся целительной силой звука вместе в Васудэвой!

23:00 — 00:00 Григорий Волков, будут амплуа чайного мастера. Буду заваривать любимые Шен Пуэры и не только!

3 этаж

20:00 — 20-30: Татьяна Зуева Практику. Гимнастика для лица.

21:00 — 22-00:(правая комната 3 этаж Георгий Бутко-Руденко) Лекция на тему «»Лекцию на тему : «Глюкоза и с чем её едят. Первые симптомы дабета . Профилактика. Советы врача. »

22:00 — 22-30: (левая комната) Светлана Антонова мастер светлой тантры. В этот вторник мы будем учиться как снимать жесткость, скованность, напряжение спины

The Girl Who Played with Fire — Legal Agreements and Requirements

In the book «The Girl Who Played with Fire» by Stieg Larsson, the protagonist, Lisbeth Salander, finds herself entangled in a web of legal agreements and requirements as she delves into uncovering the truth. Just like Lisbeth, understanding and navigating through various legal aspects is crucial in real life. Let’s take a look at some important legal topics and requirements.

Javascript Exit Function on Condition

When working with Javascript, having a solid understanding of exit functions on condition is essential. It allows for better control and management of the flow of the program.

GNWT Collective Agreement

For those in the Northwest Territories, being familiar with the GNWT collective agreement is important, especially for employees and employers to understand their rights and obligations.

Harris County Criminal Court Judges

Legal cases often come down to the decisions and rulings of judges. In Harris County, the criminal court judges play a significant role in the legal process.

Is Blinkist Legal

With the rise of digital content, questions about the legality of platforms like Blinkist arise. It’s important to understand the legality of Blinkist and similar services in the current legal landscape.

Godaddy Domain Registration Agreement

For website owners and domain registrants, comprehending the terms of the Godaddy domain registration agreement is crucial to avoid any potential legal issues.

Legal Age for Marriage in Ohio

Marriage laws vary from state to state. Understanding the legal age for marriage in Ohio and the associated requirements is important for couples considering tying the knot.

AML Identification Requirements NZ

Anti-money laundering (AML) regulations are a critical aspect of financial and legal frameworks. Businesses and individuals must adhere to AML identification requirements in New Zealand to ensure compliance.

LPN Contract Jobs Louisiana

For licensed practical nurses (LPNs) looking for opportunities in Louisiana, exploring contract jobs can be lucrative and fulfilling.

One Page Lease Agreement Sample

Landlords and tenants can benefit from utilizing a straightforward one page lease agreement sample to clearly outline the terms of the lease.

Affidavit of Common Law Marriage Template

For couples in common law marriages, having an affidavit template can help formalize and establish the legal status of their relationship.

The Avengers of Legal Knowledge

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The Legal World Unveiled: From Contracts to Court Proceedings

Are you aware of the basic types of contracts? Understanding this legal overview is crucial for everyone in the business world. From executory and executed contracts to the legal greens menu, there are so many aspects to consider.

When undertaking a project, it’s essential to have a clear understanding of the aspecto legal de un proyecto. Expert legal advice can make or break a business venture, so it’s not something to be taken lightly.

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Youthful Guide to Legal Matters

Legal Matters: A Youthful Guide

Alright, so you know that Northampton family law solicitors are the go-to peeps when it comes to family legal issues. But what about that crazy party you had with your pals that got a bit out of hand? You might need some legal advice on that too. That’s where Beals Law Firm comes in. Yup, they’ve got your back.

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Exploring Legal Insights: A Guide for Understanding Various Legal Concepts

Exploring Legal Insights: A Guide for Understanding Various Legal Concepts

In the world of law and legal concepts, there are various terms and ideas that can sometimes be confusing or unclear. From understanding the law on insurance to deciphering the difference between human rights and humanitarian law, there is a wide array of topics to explore. Let’s delve into some of these legal insights to gain a better understanding of the complexities of the legal world.

Can an Owner Borrow Money from His Company? Legal Insights

One common question among business owners is whether they can borrow money from their own company. Understanding the legal implications of this practice is crucial for maintaining financial and legal compliance within a business. By exploring the legal nuances of this situation, business owners can make informed decisions regarding their finances.

Hooke’s Law Stress and Strain Formula: Understanding the Basics

When it comes to the field of physics and material science, understanding Hooke’s Law stress and strain formula is fundamental. This principle plays a crucial role in analyzing the behavior of materials under stress and strain, making it a key concept for engineers and scientists. By delving into the basics of this law, individuals can gain a deeper understanding of the relationship between stress and strain in materials.

Law Firms in Leeds City Centre: Expert Legal Services

For individuals seeking legal services in Leeds, navigating the numerous law firms in the city center can be a daunting task. Finding the right legal representation is essential for addressing various legal matters effectively. By exploring the expertise and services offered by different law firms, individuals can make informed decisions when seeking legal assistance.

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Access to legal assistance is crucial for individuals facing various legal challenges. Understanding the availability of community legal aid in Warren, Ohio can provide much-needed support for those in need. By exploring the resources and services offered by community legal aid organizations, individuals can seek the help they require to navigate legal issues effectively.

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Legal Lingo Insights

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Legal Talk with Matthew McConaughey and Jon Jones

Matthew McConaughey: Hey Jon, have you ever wondered about the essential legal topics that are crucial for success in business? I recently came across an interesting course on business general course subjects that covers some important legal aspects.
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Rap Legal: Understanding Contract Date vs Closing Date and More

Yo, let’s break it down with some legal knowledge, contract date vs closing date, let’s not make any false pretense. When it comes to real estate, don’t get it twisted, the contract date is when you sign, the closing date is when the keys are handed off divine.

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The Dark Knight Rises: Legal Battles and Compliance Regulations

In the dark and complex world of legal battles and compliance regulations, businesses and individuals often find themselves grappling with a myriad of laws and regulations. From understanding Auckland Council noise rules to navigating the EU supply chain due diligence law, the legal landscape can be as daunting as the streets of Gotham City.

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For startups and entrepreneurs, understanding the main provisions of collective employment law and the requirements for a startup company in India is crucial for legal compliance and success in the business world.

But just as Batman faces adversaries such as Bane and the League of Shadows, the world has also faced global challenges such as climate change. The effectiveness of global agreements such as the Paris Agreement has been a topic of debate and scrutiny.

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In conclusion, the legal landscape is a complex and challenging terrain, much like the world of Gotham City. Just as Batman rises to face the challenges of his city, businesses and individuals must rise to meet the legal battles and compliance regulations of their own world.